James was born in the United Kingdom and has been a slave to the guitar for over twenty-five years. Unfortunatley too young to ever see Jimi Hendrix “alive”. At around the age of seventeen a child friend introduced James to the music of Jimi Hendrix by way of the Electric Ladyland Album. This was the start point for James; the guitar was never to be quite the same after that. Jimi Hendrix demonstrated the full potential of the electric guitar, both physical and spiritual. It wasn't to be until many years later, when James had gigged extensively, live, that he began to work on “Jimi's” music seriously.

Equipment: James uses mainly, an American Fender Stratocaster (maple neck) owned for over 23 years. Two other “strats” in the family are used mainly for backup. The vintage Parks Valve Amplifier is really a Marshall in disguise. These rare Amps were made by the man “Jim Marshall”. A very short production run ensured their limited availability. Two custom made 4X12” cabs. One modified 1960 Angle Marshall 4X12”. One modified W.E.M. Cab 4x12”. V Amp 2 FX. ColourSound Fuzz Wah Swell.

Influences: James's main musical and guitar influences include, acoustic/electric blues, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson, rock, sixties era, swing Jazz, soul and of course Jimi. Over the years James has performed in many rock and blues bands along the way, writing and composing songs for various artistes in the dance and pop genres. James continued writing for his own band for many years whilst performing on the gruelling pub and club circuit. During this time James developed the “Jimi” style he is now famous for. James accepted the task and responsibility, not to mention the “honour”, of representing “Jimi's” music.

Tribute: This emulation of a great guitarist and serious musician comes from a deep understanding and respect of Jimi and his music. Proud to be in a position to bring Jimi's music “Live” to people today. James quotes Jimi “sing on brother, play on drummer” (Jimi Hendrix – If 6 Was 9)